When the FBI enlists her help in locating the missing father of undercover agent Jack Rose, Darci signs on for the covert operation, not knowing that her attraction to handsome, sexy Jack is about to lead her into deadly territory — and into an era long past. Безукоризненное деловое соглашение 4. In my heart I know how things turn out for her, but an epilogue telling us how things turned out with Adam would have been really great. Экстрасенсорные способности Дарси всегда помогали ей справиться с трудностями. Когда ФБР предлагает ей задействовать свой талант, чтобы помочь властям раскрыть гнусное преступление, Дарси соглашается в обмен на то, что ей помогут узнать правду об Адаме. Участвуй в 5 туре лит.

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It was an interesting concept for a story, but seemed not quite fleshed out enough or something.

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She never finds out. Nov 12, M.

Ты просто понимаешь,что таким как раньше,ты больше не будешь…. Jul 12, Maria Sanigan rated it it was amazing.

I almost wept and brooded over his temporary loss in the story but then just as Miss Jude said, I trusted her more. Но о личной жизни Тревиса — ничего и никогда. Спасибо за новый перевод!


Кроме того, он играл. Я пристально уставилась на Эймса и была вознаграждена тем, что он поднял голову и прямо посмотрел на меня — безо всякой уклончивости. His tan trousers had to have been cut to fit him. This man was wearing a black leather jacket that she was sure had cost thousands; she could almost feel the softness of the leather under her fingertips.

But I was sucked into the story in book 1 and liked the alawys enough to continue but enough is enough! But in the next second he turned his head and saw Kayla—and it was to her he walked. Darci has never given up searching for her kidnapped husband, Adam Montgomery. Settle in for some exhilarating reading!

BookReader — Always (Jude Deveraux)

Всех участвующих в переводе поздравляю с Международным днем переводчика! Во всяком случае, так говорилось в буклете, прилагавшемся в комплекте с дисками.

Jude has also stepped outside her milieu, with mixed results. Джуд Деверо «Навеки» в каталоге литературы.

It may be a tougher deal than Darci imagined: It deserves much more than any reader can give. Было забавно наблюдать, как замирали свидетели, стоило им только увидеть Тревиса.

Джуд Деверо «Forever and Always»

Hardship does a lot to forge a character and to take t Another time travel book, at least for part of it. БоецШоп даверо экипировка по низким ценам! She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers. She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and has an additional home in the medieval city of Badolato, Italy.


This was the worst длуд the set. Увидел рекламу СМИ, интернет и т.

Пожалуйста, зарегистрируйтесь или зайдите на сайт под своим именем. На все времена 3. Paperbackpages.

Always by Jude Deveraux

A thief turns into a hero, a potential romance becomes more of a sibling relationship, a past incarnation of lost love becomes a protector. She could still feel his kiss on her lips. Jan 17, Jeanelyn rated it it was ok. Уволокла к себе на склад